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WWCW Impact Statement

Why We Can’t Wait, Inc. provides a nontraditional program for boys 12 -18 years old that reside in the Tony Sudekum/ J.C.Napier housing projects. One of our biggest goals has been to reduce the number of murders occurring among teens that live in these developments. Secondly, to provide job training opportunities and we accomplished this goal by partnering with the Nashville Career Advancement Center. Thirdly, we graduated five of our participants and assisted them in becoming gainfully employed. Fourth, we provided fitness and nutrition sessions that transformed the participants BMI at the conclusion of the summer. Lastly, during the past year, all of our participants were promoted to their next grade.

Our goals for the 2018 year are as follows: 
1) Provide drivers education for all the participants 15 years of age and above.
2) Certify participants 16 and older (swimmers) in life guarding.
3) Certify participants 15 and older through TSSAA to become a referee.
4) Reach out to more businesses to assist in providing jobs for our participants.
5) Get our bus fixed in order to expand the horizons of our participants by taking them to Selma, Alabama, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Memphis National Civil Rights Museum, and the Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Why We Can’t Wait, Inc. is looking to replicate our program this summer in east Nashville. Targeting boys 12 -18 that reside in James Cayce, Levy place, 37206/37207 zip codes. This requires additional staff, supplies & equipment, and funding in the amount of $25,000. Our bus needs to be put in the shop prior to the summer beginning and receive some needed repairs. Thirdly, monies to assist with certifying the participants in drivers education, life guarding, and TSSAA. Fourth, we need businesses to provide training/employment opportunities to our participants and we will assist as job coaches. Lastly, we need volunteers who will serve as mentors, coaches, tutors, and are willing  to come out two  nights a week during the summer